Monday, October 17, 2011

Everything's better with ears!

Outfit Details:
Passerine Tee - Anthropologie
Sugar Work Skirt (Sold out) - Anthropologie
Grommet Belt - LOOK Boutique
La Mer Chain Wrap Watch (Grey) - Ideeli
Handmade Web Necklace - KMH Jewelry
Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Wendybird Loafers (Red) - Ideeli

As much as I adore this top (so sooooft. *pets*), I never know what to wear with it. It seems to clash with all my crazy printed skirts for some reason, even though it should be a neutral, being white and grey. Also, I mix prints so much anyway, I shouldn't be fussing over this! I have no idea why it confounds me so much. I probably just need to suck it up and just wear it with something I feel is clashy. I'm sure it'll work out... right? ... Right?!

I gave in and ordered my new iPhone 4S today. I wish I had pre-ordered it. I'm so dumb. Now I have to wait another two weeks because it won't ship out until the 28th. Somehow, that seems like a lifetime away... but I know I'm just being silly. I guess it just seems extra long because I've really been waiting to get an iPhone since they first came out in 2007! But I was adamant about not signing up for AT&T, and since it's hopped over to Verizon, I've been overcome with iPhone lust.

I'm so excited to receive it! I'm already planning all the ridiculous animal iPhone cases (with ears!) that I'm going to purchase. I mean, come on! How can you resist these?