Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Fake-iversary!

Outfit Details:
Honeyed Life Shirtdress (Sold out, for now) - Anthropologie
Black Flyaway Cardigan - Express
Mid-City Tote (Washed Red) - Foley + Corinna
Miss Albright Crimped Bow Flats (Black) - Anthropologie

Nick and I have been married for one year today! I call it our "fake-iversary" because we didn't have an actual wedding. We just went to a local courthouse with no witnesses and got the paperwork done. Very small, very private. It was just a random Wednesday that I decided to take off of work. We went to Chipotle afterwards. Very unromantic, I'm afraid, but very like us!

We'd still like to have a real wedding ceremony, or at least a reception, eventually. We are aiming for November 12, 2013 (11/12/13!) because the date is our erm, boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary (don't know what to call that, hah..) and would like to keep that as our "official anniversary." I know, silly, but it's also a lot easier to remember than some random day in April. But until we have the real wedding, we'll still celebrate our fake-iversary a little, with a semi-fancy dinner. We're FINALLY going to the Persian restaurant I've been dying to try, but keep putting off. No more procrastination! Tonight is the night!

I must head out soon for dinner, but I'll update this post later tonight (or tomorrow, if lazy/in food coma) with photos of our dishes. If I take any. Instead of wolfing it down immediately. :) I'm excited!

Okay, I did take photos, but the restaurant was SO dark (dim, romantic lighting~) that you can't really see anything, so I won't bother posting. But I did take a photo of my evening shoes beforehand, so here you go:

Jeffrey Campbell Mariel in Black Ponyhair

The rest of my outfit remained pretty much the same. I'm too lazy to change, okay?! The dinner was soooo delicious. I'm actually quite angry we waited so long to try the restaurant, because the food was insanely good and the prices more than reasonable.

To start your meal, instead of a normal bread basket, they give you a basket of warm lavash bread that you pair with butter, feta cheese, mint leaves, parsley, walnuts, and turnips. TO DIE FOR! After our meal was done, I actually kept giving the table beside us a sneaky side eye because I wanted to steal their  basket!

Nick and I ordered koobideh and lamb chops to share, and both were mouth-watering... I can't wait to go back and eat more Persian food! I'm obsessed now. Anyway, if anyone lives in the area, definitely check Shalizaar on El Camino Real in Belmont, CA. Who knows, maybe you'll see me there, stuffing my face!